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"I am me, and my role is me."

Lady Gaga Without Make-up Versus Katy Perry Without Make-up

In a way, this isn't fair. We're comparing a picture that was taken with a professional camera and that probably had numerous beauty technicians working on it, with of picture of a vulnerable Katy Perry who was just trying to sleep. I don't believe we will ever see an A-Lister truly without all make-up...on purpose. Yes, accidents will happen, cruel pranks by spouses will happen, and shameless stunts by your agent will definitely happen, but if they actually go on TV or a magazine article, they had waaay to much keeping them safe. What I mean is, Gaga might've had a bat in the cave but her stylist who dried her hair to broom-territory may have noticed it and removed it before the shoot. The lighting guys probably saw she had some eye crud. They wiped that out before the picture. Meanwhile, with Katy, she might be disqualified for still having some eyeliner on. All in all, I can't decide who's uglier without pretty-pretty make-up.  
It'd be easier to decide if they took the blond out of Gaga's hair, and the raven out of Katy's hair and really did go natural.

Zooey Deschanel Finally Being True to Self

Every star hides in a shell and feeds us public what the public wants to see, or at the very least, what we'll enjoy seeing. But who would've guessed that under the celebrity persona they all exude, lies a real person. (Keyword: Lies)
Up until she started work on her new series, New Girl, Zooey was afraid to show the world who she really was, her true character, the character she worked so hard to create.
I sat down with the singer/actress and I nearly lost my wits at her breath-taking prettiness.

Chris Brown Shot in Drag Racing Incident

Don't get your hopes up. He's still alive, kickin' and punchin'. Fortunately, Gbfunny.com has the story that everyone else wants. Don't worry, we won't beat him up too much.

Rebecca Black's REAL NAME?

 There is a chance that the one-hit wonder, Rebecca black, may be using an alias for her "professional" music career. Her name might actually be...Olivia. Seems a tad bland, doesn't it? But hey, so does "Rebecca". What's our source for this you might be asking? A single comment on our article, "Devin Fox - Hooked On You (Review)", stated, "the girl is my cousin actually her name is olivia"[sic]. Their profile page has private access, thus not allowing us to contact them and verify this information. So of course, the logical and responsible thing to do was publish this info anyway. This could just be random internet poop, or it could be a surprising new fact that's been released only to us just out of the blue.
But again I say, Olivia is a bit bland and realistic. I personally doubt it was made up.

This raises interesting questions. Is Devin Fox really Devin Fox's name? Has the Ark Music Factory been lying to us about more than just the quality of their music? Only time will tell.

A trusty anonymous has informed us that "she was referring to the girl in the hooked on you video, she is different from Rebecca Black. Her name is Olivia Faye-the girl in Hooked On You." Basically, we pulled a "New York Post" and published completely false, unsupported information. Shame on us. We apologize to Ms. Black (whatever her real name is), Ms. Faye, and anyone else who reads this blog... or the New York Post.

"Iris" (From Black & White) - Character Review

Catch Pokemon Black and White on Cartoon Network!

I'll admit, I'm a fan of Pokémon. True, I'm a little worried on how politically correct Japan is, seeing as how they've suddenly introduced a black character during their season named, "Black and White".